Super 2048 Strategy & Tips

Looking for a way to beat that ever frustrating puzzle game, Super 2048? Well, look no further! Use these Super 2048 Strategy & Tips to beat the fun, but challenging puzzle game phenomenon.

The goal of Super 2048 is simple: To get the 2048 title. To do this, you combine the tiles until one of them reaches 2048. Doing this is no easy task, however. You can only combine tiles that have like numbers. So for example, you can only combine two “2” tiles or 2 “4” tiles and so on and so forth. At first this is easy, but as you climb higher and higher this task becomes much more difficult. It is much easier to combine two “8” tiles than two “256” tiles. While this is starting to sound impossible, fear not! We are here to help you.

Super 2048 differs slightly from its originator, 2048, by giving the user the option to add more spaces. Also, you can play with the Fibonacci sequence. This means that you add the tiles together with the tile that is the level above it. The main difference between all these styles of play is that, the more tiles you add the higher you must climb to beat the game.

Super 2048 Strategy & Tips

1. Keep Your Big Tiles Cornered


This is a tried and true method of success in 2048 regardless of game type. By keeping your big tiles cornered, it frees up the rest of the board for smaller tiles. This also makes it easier to get at them when you need to. Use the center to create big tiles, then move them to the corners to combine them with the ones already there.

Super 2048 Strategy & Tips

2) A Clean Board is a Happy Board


Basically, don’t let your board end up looking like this

This may sound like a simple thing to include in this guide but it is probably the most important. Do not let your board become cluttered with tiles because, before you know it, you’ll have no more moves to make.  While this example has moves to make, it is far too cluttered for this point in the game. Also, follow the corner strategy in your attempts to clean up your board. This makes it much easier to maintain a board that is free of excess tiles.

If you follow these tips and keep this strategy in mind, you’ll be well on your way to victory in no time. Good luck!