Two of the most popular games that were released this year have combined to create a new hit, Flappy 2048. The new game combines different features of Flappy Bird and the numbers game, 2048.

Earlier this year, Flappy Bird was released and took the mobile gaming community by storm. Players were instantly intrigued by this addicting and challenging game. The urge to fly the bird through one more stack became consuming for some! When Flappy Bird was taken from the App Store, many people were shocked that they were never able to see what all of the hype was about. Well, now the wait is over and the new Flappy 2048 game provides players with many features that are similar to the original.



Recently, 2048 was released into the App Store and skyrocketed up the charts. Players instantly began to try out different strategies in hopes of reaching the top score of 2048. The four by four grid you are given does not allow room for much error, making it much harder than some of the other number games that we have seen.

Flappy 2048 is able to capture the best features of both of these games. In this game, you are flying a numbered square through columns that enter the board from the right. The goal is to match the number on the flying square to the corresponding numbered square in the column. For example, if you are flying a number ‘4’ square, you want to match it up to the ‘4’ square in the next column that comes onto the board.

When you match the numbers up correctly, your score will increase just like the original 2048 game. To start you will have a square with a ‘1’ inside, which will add up to ‘2’, ‘4’, ‘8’, etc. The goal is to fly through the different columns without hitting the other squares in the column and reach the high score of 2048. Be aware though, the squares and columns may be tricky to maneuver in to.

Players must find the perfect rhythm and balance to align with the numbered squares in the columns. Just like in the original Flappy Bird, it may take some time to develop a rhythm that works for you. Once you develop a rhythm though, you will not want to stop flying until you reach the coveted 2048 square. You can also turn to our Flappy 2048 strategy to help you beat the game. This new hybrid game incorporates all of the elements you want from the two most popular games this year.