Flappy 2048 Strategy and Hints

Flappy 2048 is the ultimate game hybrid, combining Flappy Bird with the newly popular number game 2048. You will be combining matching numbers in this game, but not on that stale, square board. Initially, it can be very tough to make the adjustment and get into the flow of this game. Don’t worry. Follow our Flappy 2048 strategy and hints guide, and you’ll make it to the 2048 tile in no time.

Flappy 2048 Strategy and Hints

1. Take it easy on the space bar.


  • The original 2048 has players combining numbers using their arrow keys. For Flappy 2048, you’ll be controlling your flappy, winged tile with your space bar. If you’re playing on an iPhone, you will just tap your screen instead.
  • Hit the space bar (or tap your screen) to prevent the flappy tile for hitting the ground. You’re going to match that tile with the appropriate number tile in the columns you’ll encounter.
  • Hit the space bar more or less depending on where the number is in the column. Tap the space bar more to get more air and to make your flappy tile go higher.
  • You’ll be tempted to give your flappy tile a lot of air to avoid having it crash into the ground. Don’t. It’s a lot easier to pump your flappy tile up to a higher number, than having to wait for it to drop back if your number is close to the ground. Play it safe, and take it easy.

Flappy 2048 Strategy and Hints

2. Lower is better than higher.


  • When merging two tiles of the same number (one will be the flappy tile) it’s better to be slightly lower than the appropriate tile than too high.
  • The flappy tile and the column tile will never perfectly align. If your flappy tile is slightly above it’s match, the game is likely to reject the pairing and claim you lost.
  • They do not do this as often if your flappy tile combines with its match a little lower in the column. So don’t give your flappy tile too much air.

Flappy 2048 Strategy and Hints

3. Be ready for the moving tiles.

  • flappy-2048-strategy-and-hints-cAfter you reach the 2048 tile, you will have the option to keep playing, just like in the original 2048.
  • However, the numbers in the columns will be begin moving up and down, making it more difficult to combine matching tiles.
  • As mentioned before, just go slow and take it easy. Do not give your flappy tile too much air, and end up in a tricky situation. Less is more.

Follow this Flappy 2048 strategy, and you’ll being dominating the game in no time. Click here to play.