Doge 2048 is a gaming holy grail for internet addicts, combining the beloved Doge meme with the popular number game 2048. Match different pictures of the doge to achieve the coveted Doge 2048 tile.

The app version of the game, created by by Joao Pedro Melo, is available for Androids and iPhones with i0s7. The mobile Doge 2048 is optimized for the iPhone 5. The game freezes often if you’re playing on an iPhone 4, especially when you get further along in the game.

Doge is famous for his grammatically incorrect catch phrases. These phrases are included in the game. Every time you combine two matching tiles, phrases like “good jorb,” or “such natural” appear on your screen. Quirky phrases keep Doge 2048 fun for the user while maintaing the humor behind the original meme. Much cute!


The catch phrases are not the only feature of the game that keeps players hooked. Keep playing Doge 2048 to reveal more adorable pictures of the pooch. Much like Doge 2048 itself, these pictures definitely cater to internet junkies. Love pizza? So does the infamous doge. Combine two tiles of googly-eyed doge to get pizza doge. Fan favorites also include gradient, galaxy and fat doge. The adorable factor is off the charts.

Doge 2048 is one game in a long-line of 2048 versions surfacing on the internet. Star Wars, Flappy Bird and Numberwang 2048 have also gained popularity. The versions are endless and there truly is a 2048 game for everyone. Doge 2048 definitely remains the cutest rendition. Who couldn’t smile when seeing sunglasses doge?

Doge 2048 Tips

Like the original 2048, the trick to success in Doge 2048 is the corner strategy. You’ll want to move your most valuable tile to a corner. Keep the row or column containing that tile filled. This part of the game gets confusing. In the original 2048, the higher numbers are clearly more valuable. In Doge 2048, players can get confused or forget which doge combinations lead to others.

Doge-2048-Homepage-09 copy

Remember that the green, winking doges are the least valuable tiles. Try to match them quickly. Do not let them clog your board. Try moving tiles in the direction of your most valuable tile. In the picture above, the most valuable tile is in the bottom-left corner. Therefore, you should try to swipe your tiles left and down. This is how to prevent the green tiles from entering the board through your prime corner. This is a strong strategy if you ‘re looking to win Doge 2048.

Truthfully, everyone is a winner playing this game. It’s humor and adorable photos keep players coming back.