Other Versions of 2048 Below:

Looking for other games that resemble 2048?  Here are a few of the best spin-offs that have been released!  All of them are free to play and have features that will add a unique twist to the original.

2048 Tetris

2048 Tetris

2048 Tetris is a new version combining a great classic game, Tetris, with a current trending game, 2048.  In 2048 Tetris, you are given a board that has four columns and five rows.  The numbered squares will come onto the board from the top.  This means that you will be trying to reach 2048 by combining the squares at the bottom and sides of the board, just like in Tetris.  Make sure you keep your stacks low, or else the game will end!

2048 Pokémon

2048 Pokemon

If you are a Pokémon fan than this version is for you!  Rather than using the numbers this version uses different Pokémon characters.  There are a wide variety of characters throughout the game, including some of you favorites like, Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Charmander, Wartortle, and Charizard.   Allyson Schrader is behind this game, adding a new twist and creating 2048 Pokémon.  The game features wonderful graphics and other elements that will keep you playing!

Flappy 2048

flappy 2048

Flappy 2048 is the result of combining two of the most popular games to hit the app stores this year. In the original Flappy Bird, the goal was to fly the bird through different stacks that came onto the board without hitting anything.  In Flappy 2048, there will be a four by four board that has squares entering from the right side. It is your job to fly the numbered square through the different stacks.  Each stack you pass you will be rewarded with a point.  The goal of the game is to fly through all of the stacks that come onto the board and reach the highest number.  If you happen to hit one of the stacks, don’t worry the game will not end, you will just go back to zero!  The combination of the two games seems to balance both features of the hit games, making it challenging and fun!




If you can’t get enough of the original 2048, don’t worry because now you can play three games at once in 2048-3D.  The new game, 2048-3D, has 3 three by three boards or 27 tiles in all to watch!   To control the three different boards, you will use the arrows on your keyboard.  However, you need to remember that when you press right to make a match with another square for example, you are affecting the other two boards as well.  If you use the Q or E buttons on your keyboard to go left and right, you will be able to play all three boards at once.  If you think you have mastered the original game, then take a stab at 2048-3D to really test your skills!

2048 Multiplayer

2048 Mulitplayer

Want to test your 2048 skills and compete against someone else?  Well now you can in the new game, 2048 Multiplayer.  In this new version, you will be able to compete against a random opponent.  The game gives you two minutes to either achieve the highest score or reach 2048.  Whoever achieves a higher score at the end or reaches 2048 first, will be rewarded with the win!  If you think you have the skills necessary to beat out competitors, try 2048 Multiplayer and compete against others in real time!

Racing 2048


Racing 2048 is a new game by hcz that combines many different elements into one game. The board that is used in the game is identical to the four by four board of the original game.  In this game however, tiles will fall down in stacks from the top of the board.  At the bottom of the board there will be a square with a number on it that you move from left to right to avoid getting hit by the falling stacks.  When you are able to avoid getting hit by the stacks, you will increase your points, hoping to reach 2048!

2048 Cupcakes


If you love sweets and cupcakes than this version of the game is for you!  In 2048 Cupcakes, rather then combining numbers, you will be combining different styles of cupcakes.  The board that is used is identical to the original, having a four by four layout to utilize.  The cupcakes vary from sunshine vanilla, cookies and crème, chocolate mint fudge and many more! Be aware though, this game may make you crave one of these delicious desserts!

2048 4D

2048 4D


If a 3D version isn’t challenging enough for you, try a 4D version!  2048 4D has a board that is broken up into four smaller boards, each containing four squares.  When you use your keyboard arrows, you will be moving left, right, up or down in each of the four squares.  If you want the board to act as one, you can use your WASD lettered keys to move the numbered squares into the other three grids. The game is much more difficult than the original since you need to think of the game as a whole and as four individual boards rather than just one!

Super 2048



Super 2048 takes the original game one step further. In this game you can control how big you want to make the board. Rather than having a four by four board, you can create a board that contains a single extra row and an extra column or four extra rows and columns. The size of the board is up to! Players are still following the same strategy and trying to achieve the 2048 square by combining the multiples of two. Check out our Super 2048 strategy and tips to help you beat the game!

Doge 2048


If you love the Internet meme, Doge, you can now play 2048 featuring different images of him. Rather than combining multiples of two, you will be combining a variety of images of Doge. Another great feature of the Doge version, is the use of his phrases that will appear on the screen throughout the game. Since all of the images are of the same dog, this version tends to be a little more confusing than merging numbers.

Flappy 2048


Flappy 2048 is a great new game that combines two of the most popular games of the year! Flappy Bird took the world by storm when it was first released. Now 2048, has been getting a lot of attention in the mobile gaming community. Different features from the two games have combined to create one challenging, yet fun game. In this game you are flying a numbered square through the different columns that come onto the board. If you are flying a square that has a number ‘2’ on it, you need to find the number ‘2’ square that is in the column and merge them together to get 4. The number system follows the same concept as the original 2048.



Veewo Studios were one of the originators of the number puzzle game. The game was created based on the first number game called ‘Threes’, which hit the App Store in early 2014. 1024 differed itself from the original by using multiples of two rather than threes. The only real difference between 1024 and 2048 is the fact that you only have to reach the score of 1024 in the game.  If you are having trouble, take a peek at our 1024 strategy and tips!

The Evolution of 2048

If you are interested in learning more about just how far 2048 has come as a game,you can read more about the complete evolution of 2048 here.