There are many different ways to beat 2048 and no single strategy will get you there every time. That being said, we have found that we are most successful when we use the corner strategy.

2048 Tips

1. Keep Your Tiles In Order.

When you are playing 2048, you should try to keep your tiles in a very specific order. Your highest value tile should be in one of the corners. It doesn’t matter which corner you choose. You want the value of the tiles to decrease as you move away from that corner. These 2048 tips will set you up to achieve 2048 more easily.

2048 tips

Take a look at the board above. This board has the highest value tile in one corner. The other high value tiles are closest to that corner and the values decrease from there. This is what you want your board to look like. Even if you get a little mixed up along the way, focus on keeping your highest value tile in one corner.

2. Make Smooth Moves to Combine Many Tiles at Once.

Once your board is set up, you can make a few smooth moves to combine multiple tiles. None of the tiles on the board above are poised for a match just yet, but you can make them adjacent to other tiles of the same value fairly easily using these 2048 tips.

If you swipe up and then right on the board above, you will have combined a whole column of tiles. The 2’s will become 4’s, the 4’s will become 8’s, and the 16’s will become 32’s.

Now that you have another 32 on the board, you can easily combine it with the existing 32 and make a 64 tile. If you continue with these 2048 tips and strategy, you will be amazed at how quickly your tiles come together.

While you are combining your tiles, be wary of the new tiles being added to the board. You don’t want a 2 to be added in the corner where you were keeping your highest value tile. That can mess up your whole board and it’s usually the beginning of the end for that game. To avoid this, we recommend limiting the movement on one side of your board. Keep one column or row going out from your highest value tile still by keeping four tiles stacked there at all times. This means you will only be able to swipe in three directions. While it sounds like that might limit you, it won’t. Since your board is in order you will continuously build up higher value tiles and move them closer to your chosen corner. If you keep playing with these 2048 tips in mind, you will be seeing the “You Win” screen in no time.

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