Are you looking for the perfect 2048 strategy? If so, you’re in luck as we have the perfect 2048 strategy to become victorious in the year’s most challenging game. 2048 is completely free, and available for all Android and iOS devices. Struggling to reach that final tile? Use our flawless 2048 strategy to become the master of all things 2048.

Created by Gabriele Cirulli and developed by Ketchapp, 2048 is the breakthrough smash hit that has the entire world talking. The goal of the game may seem simple, but once you begin playing, you will see that it is anything but. All you need to do is create the the golden 2048 tile to reign supreme. However this task is one that requires a keen eye and brilliant game plan. Need some help in your quest for 2048? Put our 2048 strategy to work and dominate the game.

2048 strategy

Despite many people’s assumption, 2048 is actually not based on a heavy set of mathematical skills. Instead, the 2048 strategy is simply based on matching and positioning.  But unlike many swipe and slide games, the tiles of the game do not move by individual blocks. They actually all move at once, in the same direction, further complicating your play. So if you though you could just button mash your way to glory, you better come up with another tactic. Luckily for you, our 2048 strategy will solve all your matching woes.

2048 Strategy

When you begin the game, you will see a 4×4 board with two numbered tiles. Your mission will be to combine like tiles so that they create a new tile. For instance, add two “2” tiles and you wind up with one “4”tile. Shift together two “4” tiles and you’ll wind up with one “8” tile. This process will need to be repeated until you reach the “2048” tile. But in the likely event you do not reach the mysterious number, your progress will be determined by your high score. If you find yourself getting frustrated, amp up your point total by using our 2048 strategy.

However, as you play along you will notice that eventually your board will fill up with every swipe of your finger. When your board eventually fills, your game is over. This makes 2048 play at a lightning quick pace, creating one of the hardest games on all of mobile. As you can see, 2048 isn’t as simple as it seems, so make sure you take a look at our helpful 2048 strategy and tips.

2048 is a game that will surely have you banging your head against the wall. Just when you think you’ve finally reached the milestone tile, it’s game over. But there’s no need to smash your phone or crack your laptop because we’ve got the antidote to your 2048 fever. Use our comprehensive 2048 strategy  and secure all of your 2048 bragging rights!

The corner strategy:

2048 strategy

A phenomenal 2048 strategy is the trusted corner strategy. This method is based on monotonicity, which essentially means having your tiles decrease in value as you move away from the corners. For example, you should keep your largest tile in one corner. Then, the rest of your tiles should be piled up around that one large valued tile. As you do this, make sure your lowest tile is placed furthest away from the high tiled corner.

Play smooth:

2048 strategy

While the above 2480 strategy helps set up a base, it does not actually help you in making matches. This is because the corner 2048 strategy does not place like-tiles adjacently from each other, and as we know this is how tiles are merged.

However, the above strategy does set you up so that you can make adjacent matches. This strategy is based on your smoothness in shifting your tiles. Using a perfect monotonic board will allow you to make a series of moves that will allow you to combine like-tiles in a much easier fashion.

Using the monotonic and smooth strategy, every combination of tiles you make will set you up one after the other.

For example, use the above picture and move like so:

  1. Move down: To make two adjacent 4’s.
  2. Move right: To make an 8 from the adjacent 4’s.
  3. Move up: To match the 8 and 8 above it to form a 16.
  4. Move up: To match the 16 and the 16 above it to form a 32.
  5. Move left: To bring the older 32 next to the newly formed 32.
  6. Move up: To match the two 32’s and create a 64.
  7. Move up: To match the two 64’s so that you can create a 128 tile.

Collapse upwards and fill the row:

2048 strategy

While this 2048 strategy has no connection to the above too, it is a solid one in it’s method. The reasoning behind this method is based on the fact that your entire top row should be nothing but large valued tiles. Then, when your row is full, you can swipe left or right to combine the numbers which will increase your chances of getting 2048 greatly. But remember, the row will always need to be full.

Of course, many people may argue that swiping up should never be used. Instead, they argue that you should use this same method should be used on the bottom row. Either way, both should work as a solid 2048 strategy.